“Life and Death”

Vision Company Records

JP Jones is a veteran singer/songwriter/musician from the New England region (with past ties to Voluntown, CT) who, along with his band “Rite Tite”, has released “Life and Death”, Jones’ ninth recording with Vision Company Records. Returning with Jones from his previous effort “Salvation Street” from 2001 are Rite Tite members Mike Barrette (guitar), Dave Lang (drums), Kurt Meyer (bass), and Matt Niebels (percussion). Also on board for “Life and Death” are Louise Muller (violin) and Donn Watson (keyboards), with all of Jones’ support musicians contributing nicely throughout, making “Love and Death” richer and more diverse than just a Jones solo project. Recorded at Flat Rock Studios in nearby Moosup, Connecticut, “Life and Death” further expands JP Jones’ musical contributions, blending his trademark acoustic folk rhythms with poetic, meaningful lyrics.

JP Jones’ music gives an impression of Bob Dylan-type storytelling accompanied by something of a Dire Straits musical feel. There is a sense of spontaneity throughout “Life and Death”, beginning right from the intensity of the opening track “Cum a Live”. Tracks like “Killer Instinct”, for example, step firmly on the gas pedal until reaching top speed, then the shuffle of “What’s the Fuss” follows soon after, changing gears enough to avoid complacency at one fixed sense of pace. Overall, Jones and Rite Tite aren’t afraid to pick up the tempo from time to time, yet demonstrate the ability to transition nicely back to the thoughtful and emotional folk lyrics that JP Jones and his music are known for.

Overall, “Life and Death” delivers emotional music and creative rhythms from Jones and the band that are honest and forthcoming, a trademark that JP Jones has continued to develop with each recording effort. For more information on JP Jones and “Life and Death”, check out the web site

- Don Sikorski