Arthur Adams has been playing music for a long time. He has traveled a unique musical path during his lengthy career, from playing gospel to playing blues to playing soul. Now he combines all three styles into one sound. His latest effort, "Back on Track", is his debut on Big Pig Records and his first album in two decades.

Growing up in Tennessee, Adams began his musical career singing in the church choir at age six. He later began playing guitar during his teen years and was influenced by blues greats Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and Elmore James. After traveling the country as a backup musician for Nashville singer Gene Allison, Adams moved to the Dallas area and worked the local club scene playing blues music. Adams later pursued a solo career during the late sixties and early seventies, performing studio work for a number of big time musicians. During the eighties, Adams, burnt out from studio work, rediscovered the blues and set out to recapture the fire in his music.

Not just anybody earns a two-song guest appearance from the legendary B.B. King. Adams style is very similar to King’s in that he possesses the ability to say a lot with only a few notes on the guitar. He also possesses King’s soulful sound and both have a strong gospel musical background as well. Seems like a perfect fit.

The material on "Back on Track" is both refreshing and interesting, displaying a variety of sounds from start to finish. The opening title track is soulful and upbeat. King’s presence adds the perfect blend of guitar harmony on both "Get You Next To Me" and the slow, intense "The Long Haul". Adams soulful playing meshes well with the smooth production of his accompanying band mates and horn section. He displays a fierce intensity on tracks like "You Really Got It Going On" and "Rehabilitation Song". "Honda Betty" is one of the best cuts on this disc, combining a powerful horn section with Adams soulful smooth voice.

Arthur Adams is currently one of the top blues artists on the Los Angeles club circuit. From the sounds of things, he finally has his career back on track and headed for success.

- Don Sikorski